Last week the summer staff departed Halley and the winter season officially started.

There are now just 13 of us on station, and it's up to us to keep it running and keep each other safe.

Going from over 50 people on station to 13 was a shock at first, it seems so empty and there is a lot of space. However after a few days we started to settle in to our home and enjoy it.

Halley will be our home for the next 8 months during winter, we'll experience the sun setting for the last time, temperatures of -50ÂșC and below, lows of missing home, highs of experiencing the magic of Antarctica, and the sun rising again for the first time in months marking the end of winter and start of summer.

The Halley VI Wintering Team 2016

We've only just started winter but I'm enjoying it so much, and next week I'll be going out into the field for a week camping and exploring, I'll post plenty of photos of the trip in my next post.