We flew to Novo on the 21st November from Cape Town on the Ilyushin Il-76, a large Russian built cargo plane, with the intention of flying straight out to Halley on the Basler BT-67. 

Unfortunately we missed our weather window and we are now waiting in Novo for good weather at Halley. The forecast doesn't look good and the earliest we will fly is next week. The weather at Novo however has been -5 degrees, sunny skies, and a light breeze; a nice gentle introduction to Antarctica.

The party has been split into two groups to accommodate everyone, seven are based at the airbase while six are located at the nearby “Oasis” camp which is next to the Novo station. At the airbase we've been passing the time by going for walks, taking plenty of photographs, and helping out where we can. The staff are very welcoming and we are being fed very well.
Yesterday we made the 15km journey to see the others at Oasis camp. The trip was made in a modified flatbed truck taking the ice roads which was a cool experience, the landscapes are barren but beautiful.

At the Oasis camp we were lucky enough to use their sauna and have a shower, as well as explore the local area. We took a walk up to the highest point which overlooks an ice sheet that spans for 50km before hitting the sea ice. The walk was only short but it was nice to gain some altitude and walk on Antarctic rock. Again the landscapes are breathtaking.In the upcoming days we should hopefully be able to get out to another local station, as well as continuing to enjoy the free time we have and getting to know each other.