Kite skiing as the sun sets over the Brunt Ice Shelf

One of the best ways to pass time at Halley is skiing, whether it be nordic skiing, ski-jouring which involves being towed behind a skidoo, or kite skiing.

Kite skiing is probably my favourite with ski-jouring a close second. Kiteskiing feels so good as you blast along with just the sound of the wind in your kite, and your skis on the snow.

Kite skiing past the Halley VI module

Recently we've had perfect weather for kiting, 10-15 knots of wind and good contrast. Although it was -30°C outside I couldn't miss the opportunity to get out, especially as the days we have with sunlight are numbered.

The sun sets behind Halley's signpost

In a weeks time we'll have our last sunset for months and for a couple of weeks have complete darkness 24 hours a day.