For seven days we moved tons of cargo from the RRS Ernest Shackleton to Halley. The 35km drive from the coast was checked for crevasses and other hazards by the field guides before the tractors made several trips back and forth, bringing in new supplies and taking cargo out, mostly waste.

Relief is a 24 hour operation, and I was on the night shift which meant shifting my timezone by 12 hours in a day. This had it's problems, but once adjusted it wasn't too hard especially as we have 24 hour day light during the summer.

My role during relief was mostly communications, making sure that we knew where the drivers were, what they were transporting, and checking that they were safe. When not in the comms office I got stuck in helping to offload cargo and fuel. The cargo is placed in a various lines depending on their contents and marked out so not to be lost if snow buries them. Fuel drums are stacked up to create fuel depots of which there are several in a line, again marked out. Offloading drums of fuel was good exercise but loading up empty drums was much more fun, they are surprisingly light when empty.

After seven days of relief, we had some time off to celebrate Christmas as it was moved to until after relief. Everyone gathered for a large traditional Christmas roast (we're still eating the turkey leftovers) and to unwind from the hectic last few days in the bar.

After relief we switched back to normal working hours, another 12 hour timezone shift, it was much harder this time to adjust. The next week we took on the task of unpacking all the cargo out on the cargo line.

Getting back to normal working routine has allowed for more recreational time. At the weekend we went skijouring, being towed behind a skidoo while skiing, it's like waterskiing only the water is frozen. 

I also managed to fulfill a challenge I set myself before coming down here, I finally managed to combine skiing and kiting, and I'm completely hooked.