What to take?! I have a rather large box for my "personal possessions", commonly called a PBOX at BAS, and had no idea what to take. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I'm sat on that box try to shut it!

So what to take to Antarctica to live for a year, to provide  entertainment, reminders of home? First and foremost skis. Not one but two pairs. Cross country for fitness and touring skis for skijouring (pulled behind a skidoo!) and ski kiting. This also means ski boots, helmet, poles etc.

Next up is a project. Everyone at BAS asked me what's your winter project? So after some consideration I decided to upgrade my quadcopter to a hexcopter. So all the bits for it are in the PBOX ready to be assembled. Let's hope I haven't forgot anything or else it'll be a major disappointment. But if everything works out I hope to get some amazing footage of Halley.

Finally there are gifts from family and friends, they're a bit squashed in to let's hope they aren't fragile.

So the PBOX is pretty much full but there is plenty of dead space which nothing really fits into. What better way to fill this space than with sweets! After spending £70 on Jelly Babies and Haribo I thought enough is enough, let's shut it and ship it.

There's also the 100 litre bag for clothes. I stuffed this with my mountaineering cold weather gear, gym clothes, and clothes to use on station. Plus a few extra sweets...

The next time I'll see that box and all my possessions is at Halley in December after it has travelled on the Ernest Shackleton down to the Brunt Ice Shelf.