Aurora in full swing over our Igloo

During the summer we had an igloo building competition. One of the requirements was that it had to fit all that helped build it.

The whole winter team of 13 turned up to build the igloo, so it had to be quite big. Needless to say we couldn't get it finished in the 3 hours.
But after a couple of hours, spread across a couple of weeks, we managed to get the igloo complete.

Celebrating, and testing the final piece added to the igloo

So what to do with a completed igloo? Turn it into an ice bar of course. We cut seats around the edge of the inner wall and managed to cut a huge slab of snow to make a table in the middle. The seats were topped with foam mats and sheepskin rugs, lighting installed with battery powered fairy lights and candles, a bluetooth speaker for music, and the table top with glasses made of ice; we had ourselves a genuine ice bar!

Looking up to the roof of the igloo from the entrance

The table complete with beverages and ice glasses

That weekend we left the comfort of the modules and ventured out to the igloo, glowing in the distance. It was a lovely clear sky and the stars were out with the gentle glow of an aurora in the distance. Just as we arrived at the igloo the gentle glow of an aurora turned in to a dancing light show of greens, reds, and purples filling the sky. Everyone was elated to see such an amazing display, many seeing the aurora for the first time.

Aurora timelapse