During the summer the station works hard, very hard, but we still managed to find the time to have some fun.

Last weekend we took a trip to Creek 3 for some ice climbing, taking the opportunity to do some field training on the way as well as gaining experience with ropes which will help with Search and Rescue response.

Creek 3 is one of the semi-permanent sites where ships can moor in order to provide supplies for the station. It's often used for smaller cargo as the sea ice isn't that thick to support heaver loads.

There just so happens to be some ice cliffs nearby good for climbing. Under a thick layer of snow clinging to the ice cliff is hard blue ice. 

The climbing was tricky because of the snow, as you sink your ice axe and crampons into the cliff you're not really sure if you have purchase in the ice or in the snow. While the ice can hold your weight the snow can't and you can find yourself dangling off the climb if you're not careful.